Englisch Sprachkurs in London - Holland Park - Legal English - 24 Lektionen


4-wöchiger Sprachkurs speziell für Jurastudenten und neu qualifizierte Anwälte im Alter von 20 bis 30 Jahre. In der vierten Woche findet das TOLES Examen statt (Examensgebühren nicht inklusive).

Auf einen Blick: This course includes legal case studies, essential communication strategies, meeting skills, negotiations and networking English. The course also covers the general language skills that will help you to communicate more effectively in a wide range of formal and informal situations. The vocabulary will cover civil law (including contract law), EC law and criminal law. The online element provides continued learning for five months after the course in London has finished. The trainers are specialists with expertise in this field and there is important input from the real legal world including sessions led by practising lawyers and visits to ‘legal London’.

Zielgruppe: A course for newly qualified lawyers and law students to give them the specialised language they do need for their careers.

Inhalte: This course concentrates on developing participants’ English skills in a legal context, as well as the vocabulary of aspects of criminal law, civil law, including contract law. EC law is also covered on this course.  Please note: Although there are opportunities to learn something about English and EC law and the English legal system, this is a language course, not a course in law. The following areas provide the framework for the course:

  • Visiting legal experts: there are usually two per course, chosen to provide up-to-date professional input into the course. At least one will be actively involved in practising law.
  • Visits to legal London: a visit to the Old Bailey; a visit to the Civil Courts if they are sitting.
  • Speaking activities including case studies in legal problems and various aspects of the legal process; negotiations.
  • Vocabulary expansion: particularly relating to commercial law, contracts and describing legal concepts.
  • Grammar: revision of some of the most important grammatical aspects of the language, practised within a legal context.
  • Listening comprehension: with live speakers; by using audio and video interviews with lawyers or legal experts.
  • Negotiating skills are important for lawyers as they become increasingly involved in the commercial process.
  • Communication skills: key language skills used in discussions, negotiations, conflict and dealing with difficult situations.
  • Networking English: basic situations such as business hospitality, travelling, inviting, advising, apologizing etc; more advanced situations demanding diplomacy, tact and careful presentation.
  • Using the telephone effectively.
  • Word MineLegal English: all participants on this course will receive our six month Word Mine – Legal English online course. The course will be used for some practice and testing during the three weeks of the Young Lawyers course, and for continued learning and revision for a further 5 months.
  • At the end of each three-week course, there is an optional fourth week preparation course for TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills). The TOLES examination itself takes place at the school at the end of that week.
  • At the end of some three-week courses, there is an optional preparation course for ILEC (International Legal English Certificate). The course is an additional three weeks.

Mindestalter: 20 Jahre; Maximum: 30 Jahre, Durchschnittsalter: 24 Jahre

Lektionen/Woche: 24 à 60 Min.
Niveau-Stufen: B1 , B2 , C1 , C2 A0 - Anfänger ohne Vorkenntnisse
A1 - Elementarstufe 1
A2 - Elementarstufe 2
B1 - Mittelstufe 1
B2 - Mittelstufe 2
C1 - Fortgeschritten
C2 - Sehr Fortgeschritten
Gruppengrösse: 5 - 10
Dauer: 4 Wochen
Teilnehmerkreis: junge Juristen, Absolventen des Jurastudiums im Alter von 20-30 Jahren
Unterricht: Mon-Fr 09.30 bis 16.00 Uhr Die Unterrichtszeiten können von der Schule jederzeit angepasst werden und je nach Sprachlevel oder Jahreszeit variieren


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Kein Unterricht an Feiertagen 2024: 01.01., 29.03., 01.04.2024. Die Schule ist vom 23.12.2024 bis 03.01.2025 geschlossen.

Im Preis enthalten: Englisch-Sprachtraining und Unterkunft wie gebucht, Welcome Networking Reception, Einstufungstest, Kursmaterial, Teilnahmezertifikat und detaillierter End of Course Report, Benutzung der Online Learning Plattform der Schule bis 3 Monate nach Trainingsende, Gratis WLAN im Trainingszentrum, Organisation von Freizeitaktivitäten, Anreiseinformationen.

Nicht enthalten: Anreise, Eintrittsgelder, Exkursionen, ggf. TOLES Examensgebühr (Kurs "Legal English"; GBP 150).

Fakultativer Flughafentransfer: ab Heathrow one way bei Ankunft CHF 196 (weitere Flughäfen auf Anfrage); falls gewünscht bitte bei Buchung angeben.