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Hier findest du zum Sprachaufenthalt Oxford Erfahrungsberichte von ehemaligen Teilnehmern an dieser Schule in England. Die Kursbeurteilungen vermitteln dir ein erstes Bild vom Unterricht sowie dem Ambiente an der Schule. Bei Fragen im Rahmen der Planung zum Sprachaufenthalt beraten wir dich gerne. StudyLingua ist montags bis freitags durchgehend von 9.00 bis 18.00 Uhr telefonisch unter 058 521 30 03 erreichbar. Oder sende uns deine Fragen einfach per E-Mail an

Petra O. 26 Jahre
Kursart: Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht in Oxford mit DIALOG-Sprachreisen Erfahrungsbericht

Der Unterricht gefiel mir im Allgemeinen sehr gut, besonders die Übungen im Bereich Aussprache, Konversation und die schriftlichen Übungen anhand von Texten.

Ich wohnte im Richmond Hotel, das einfach - aber für den Zweck geeignet ist.

Oxford ist eine schöne und sehr interessante Stadt, nicht zu groß und alles schnell erreichbar.

Ihre Beratung ist gut, die Abwicklung gar sehr gut. Keine Anregungen, die Unterlagen waren sehr informativ, bestens beschrieben.

Ich empfehle Oxford mit StudyLingua uneingeschränkt.

Francesca M. (Italien)

The very first minute I walked into CES, I felt home. I immediately found a warm welcome, a cosy room, a hot cup of tea and got to know what would soon turn out to be some of the best people I had ever met. The Oxford team is made of very different people but they all know how to be professional and competent and, most importantly, they care for you. No matter how many people are in your class, teachers reach out to you and adapt their teaching programmes and methods according to what you really need. And the social programme is simply fantastic! I just loved the Oxford tour, this wonderful city has no secrets to me anymore!

Alessia (Italien) 20 Jahre
Kurs: Standard 20

Talking about CES Oxford? Just amazing! I've spent an entire summer there and I can hardly say how much I missed sun and real summer, but I woudn't have changed anything about it, knowing how many lovely people I met. 

The staff of the school directly know every single student, and find moments to talk to them and understand their feelings, no one can silently stay in the corner! Every teacher has his own peculiar way of teaching, and tries continually to innovate it. That's why CES Oxford achieves a very dynamic education. In my personal experience, I've also found a very special family, delicious food and comfortable accommodation. I'd recommend everyone to spend some days at CES!

Pafun S, (Thailand) 27 Jahre
Kurs: Standard 20

From my perspective, CES Oxford was everything I was looking for. I am personally surprised at how much my English skills have been improved particularly my communication skills. Before beginning a course, it was absolutely difficult for me to communicate with foreigners. This problem has been solved by challenging courses as well as learning activities outside the classroom. To me, I love CES Oxford wholeheartedly. This has been the most valuable language experience.

Bruno G. (Italien) 24 Jahre

CES Oxford is not a typical school where you can only improve your English, your communicative skills but it is further more than this. You will go there without any expectation and than you will find a new lifestyle!

First of all, CES Oxford has a lot of facilities to improve you English such as computer room, reading & listening room. More than that CES Oxford is represented by a teacher’s team that will guide you in to the British World. They are always willing to bolster your skills progression and telling you about British culture.

Although this could be similar to other schools what makes CES Oxford different from the others is the Social activities board. In theory you can come back to your host family when classes are over. However you will be not happier than staying at school. Am I crazy? Am I saying that I enjoyed staying at school all day long? Sure I was. Although there are a lot of places that you probably should visit in Oxford , lots of activities to do there is a social program full of activities at School. These activities will help you to both enjoy your staying and improve you English! Just for information i can give you more examples: laser game, cinema, pool table, ping pong, card games, bowling! My favourite one was undoubtedly the International food Night! The school organises a different international dinner once a week. Every country will cook for all students! Believe me it’s a magic moment! You can be all around the World staying in one place! Up to me there is nothing more exciting than this! You can try new food, exploring new cultures and improve your English at the same time! In one world studying at CES Oxford means becoming more OPEN MINDED!


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