Erfahrungsberichte Sprachreise Galway, Irland

Lese hier zum Sprachaufenthalt Galway Erfahrungsberichte von ehemaligen Teilnehmern am Programm dieser Englisch Sprachschule in West-Irland. Die Kursbeurteilungen vermitteln Dir ein Bild vom Unterricht sowie dem Ambiente an der Schule. Für Rückfragen zum Programm sind wir montags bis freitags durchgehend von 9.00 bis 18.00 Uhr telefonisch unter 058 521 30 03 erreichbar. Oder sende uns Deine Fragen einfach per E-Mail an

Kurs: Standard

You get two different teachers in your class who both have slightly different accents. This improves your listening, which is great. There are daily activities that change weekly. It makes it easy to meet lots of new people.

Kurs: Standard

What I was most impressed with was the human warmth of the students, teachers and the residents of Galway, their kindness and closeness make it easy to make friends.

Kurs: Standard

Galway was my first experience abroad and I had hesitations before I came. Now when I look back I know I made the right decision. GCI is really good in terms of hospitality for the students. If you have a problem, they are quick and responsive. The teachers are very good. Social events are coordinated every week and are really fun. The location of the school is really good on the edge of the ocean and the city centre is within walking distance. There isn't a better place to learn English!

Kurs: IELTS-Examensvorbereitung

Moving to Galway has been one of the best decisions I have made, the second one was choosing CGI to study English. At the beginning, this experience was going to be only for two months, however it turned into a five months period. The two main reasons of this were owed to the atmosphere I found in GCI and the wonderful people I have met here. One of the things that impressed me the most was that all the teachers and the staff members were charming, also they were always with a smile, willing to help you as much as they can. The quality of the school is exceptional. I utterly recommend this experience to everyone; it is not about learning English it is about how do you want to feel doing it.

Kurs: Standard

Galway and studying English in GCI has been one of the most memorable times of my life. I was afraid that I would not like the city or the school, now I do not want the journey to end. The staff here are very welcoming and are never too busy to help. The classes are interactive, the teachers are great and rotate regularly. I like this as each teacher has their own style. It keeps us engaged. GCI organise lots of activities to taste what Galway has to offer. I would recommend GCI to anyone who would like to improve their English. I love how the weather is full of surprises!

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