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Hier findest du Erfahrungsberichte von ehemaligen Teilnehmern am Programm Englisch Sprachaufenthalt Sliema, Malta. Die Kursbeurteilungen zum Malta Sprachaufenthalt vermitteln Dir ein Bild vom Unterricht sowie dem Ambiente an der Schule. Für Rückfragen zum Programm Malta sind wir montags bis freitags durchgehend von 9.00 bis 18.00 Uhr telefonisch unter 058 521 30 03 erreichbar. Oder sende uns Deine Fragen einfach per E-Mail an

Kseniya (Russland)

I was studying at IELS Malta school for almost 6 months. This is one of the best language schools in Malta with over 30 years' experience. Learning the language in an English speaking environment is very important. This immediately takes your skills to a new level. It is incredible that people from all over the world gather here and we all speak the same language and understand each other. I learned a lot of new, surprising things about other countries.

Shizu (Japan)

I finally graduated from English school today and will leave. The shortest 5 weeks in my life. International and wonderful my class!

Gustavo (Brasilien)

The first thing I want to say is thank you for everyone who participated in my journey. Every moment, every hug, every laugh and every conversation is going to stay in my memory forever, I will never forget about it, my friends. Finally, I must give a special thanks for my first teacher, my friend Francesco. It was the most important travel of my life, absolutely. I hope to see you again.

Kristina (Russland)

All good and bad things must come to an end! And with it, the value of good moments is only increasing. My study at IELS Malta was an unplanned event in my life, but that didn’t make it any less interesting or pleasant. For a language school student, I had a long stay at school. A lot of faces have changed around me. Nevertheless, I will never forget whom I met - my teacher Jake and my classmates. I believe that, some day, the universe will deign to let us cross paths again!

Yasmin (Brasilien)

When I arrived in Malta, I couldn't imagine living 3 months in another country. Today, I can't believe everything is over. Time flies. Malta, thank you for being a second home. IELS Malta, thank you for providing the best experience. My friends, thank you for all the moments we spent together. You are a second family for me. I am really grateful for everything I've lived. I hope we'll meet again. I'm already missing all. I'll never forget this amazing experience.

Soyoun (Südkorea)

My school lessons and this life are finished! I can’t believe it...Time flies!! Before I came to Malta, I thought 4 months was pretty long time! But it was not. Too short. I’m gonna miss my Malta life and also all my Malta friends! I’m so lucky to meet you guys and I was really happy to make good memories here. I hope we’ll all meet again! Thank you for everything and IELS Malta is the best school of English! Seriously, gonna miss everything so much. I love you all, love Malta. Bye Malta!

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