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An dieser Stelle findest Du zu Sprachaufenthalt Triest Italien Erfahrungsberichte und Meinungen von ehemaligen Teilnehmern. Die Kursbeurteilungen zum Italien Sprachaufenthalt vermitteln Dir ein Bild vom Unterricht sowie dem Ambiente an der Schule. 

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Heidi B. 53 Jahre
Kursart: Standardkurs, Triest, Italien 2 Wochen

Gut organisierte und professionelle Sprachschule mit engagierten Lehrern. Auch das Freizeitprogramm war sehr ansprechend.

Heidi 53 Jahre
Kurs: Standard 20

Bin schon mehrfach mit StudyLingua (Spanien und Frankreich) unterwegs gewesen. Die Schule ist eine der besten. Sie ist klein aber fein (in der ersten Woche nur 2 Studentinnen im Anfängerkurs, in der 2. Woche 9). Trotzdem von Mo-Do täglich Nachmittagsangebote. Am Wochenende vielerlei unterschiedliche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten.

Wenn das Italienisch lernen im Vordergrund stehen soll, ist Triest wirklich zu empfehlen.

Christl Hawle (Salzburg, Österreich)
Kurs: Standard 20

I attended just four times at courses in Italian language at the "Istituto Venezia" and it was every time a really success for me. The teachers are very competent, friendly and sensitively. The Institute organises every afternoon tours to points of interest for the students who are coming from different countries and at this events it is desired to speak Italian what is a good possibility to practises the language. I am just looking forward to my next time at Trieste in summer 2015.

Barbara 45 Jahre
Kurs: Standard 20

I like it very much because you can see both the sea and the old town from the school’s windows. There is a kind atmosphere and all students are constantly supported by teachers. I feel like home by now (this year there’s the coffee machine to make Illy espresso coffee). I have been here twice: the first time was in summer and I fully took advantage of the sea to go swimming and enjoy unforgettable sunsets. The second time was during autumn, and I took many walks in the Carso, I visited the historic cafés and local venues. The school always offers interesting activities in the afternoons and evenings

Peter 68 Jahre
Kurs: Standard 20

I liked very much both teachers and the way of teaching. There are lots of nice activities that can be done nearby. In the end, a good value for money in a fascinating city. Outstanding points: a modern methodology, very communicative, interesting lessons. Highly qualified teachers.

Johannes 23 Jahre

Thanks to afternoon and evening activities, I got to know very well my fellow school mates and local people. There were some extra classes for free, and teachers participated to activities, which turned out to be another chance to speak Italian. I suggest that you visit the Revoltella museum and that you speak with teachers in the evening. The teachers/students relationship was very good.

Susannah 30 Jahre

Wonderful teachers, a welcoming and well organized environment. The afternoon activities were fun too, and local people were very lively. I loved the place. I suggest next students to stay one night in an osmiza, (local hourses in the Carso countryside that are open for tourists and local people to go and buy their products, wine, cheese, vegetables, cold cuts – and happy evenings). The school often organizes visits to osmize. I was there for one week, I really would have loved to stay one more week to strengthen what I had learned. In the end, really, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Neil 65 Jahre

I especially liked the teaching quality and the teachers’ enthusiastic ability to motivate students. I suggest prospective students to be never afraid of making mistakes, which we all make. Speaking, speaking, speaking again and laughing too! The city of Trieste: heart moving!

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